Smart B2B Finance: 2019 Outlook–Data, Experience, and Personalization


Smart B2B Finance: 2019 Outlook–Data, Experience, and Personalization

The financial landscape is experiencing paradigm shifts unlike any before. And with a new age of technology paving the path, what should financial professionals be aware of to not only stay ahead of their peers but also to empower themselves and their organizations to drive continued, reliable success?

Welcome to Smart B2B Finance, a monthly blog series designed to summarize some of our favorite financial posts and help financial professionals focus on the trends and topics that matter most.

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Digital transformation: The CFO’s role

Sean Brown and Michael Bender of McKinsey sit down to discuss the role CFO’s play in driving digital transformation, giving insight into how adapting to the times benefits the companies they help lead. Read More

Sean Brown and Michael Bender, McKinsey

Top Tech Adoption Trends for Finance in 2019 & Beyond

As trends in cloud technology dominated innovation in the last calendar year, so to will business intelligence, automation, robotic processes, and more for the upcoming 2019 outlook on innovation. Read More

Teresa Leung, CFO Innovation

Fintech is pushing B2B payments to get ‘personal’

Payments Source tackles the topic of how personalizing payments management can be a new found source of differentiation going forward, as fintech companies make transactions easier and more efficient. Read More

Ravi Thakur, Payments Source

Experience–Not Brand–Loyalty is the Next Big Thing in B2B

B2C payments trends of convenience and simplicity are next in line to transform the B2B landscape. Tailoring payments processes and anticipating customer needs are two traits poised to generate B2B success in 2019 and beyond. Read More

Brandon Spear, Payments Journal

Improve Your Data Analysis Skills With These Three Steps

With statistical tools and methods abound, it is the critical thinking involved in strong data analysis that is becoming vital; this AFP article delves into the three steps, preparation, analysis, and conclusion. Read More

Dr. Bill Hu, FP&A, CTP, CFA