Smart B2B Finance: Trust, Value, and Reshaping the Financial Conversation


Smart B2B Finance: Trust, Value, and Reshaping the Financial Conversation

The financial landscape is experiencing paradigm shifts unlike any before. And with a new age of technology paving the path, what should financial professionals be aware of to not only stay ahead of their peers but also to empower themselves and their organizations to drive continued, reliable success?

Welcome to Smart B2B Finance, a monthly blog series designed to summarize some of our favorite financial posts and help financial professionals focus on the trends and topics that matter most.

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Prioritize Trust or Risk Your Bottom Line

Today’s digital age empowers the public to have visibility into the goings-on of any organization of any industry. And with this new lens, businesses must do more to maintain trust above all else to drive growth, profitability, and sustainability. Read More

Bill Theofilou,

Top 3 Ways CFOs can Collaborate with CIOs to Drive Value Across the Organization

Business success cannot be reliant on a single member moving the entirety of the business forward. Instead, to achieve the greatest business benefits, leaders of the organization must work together towards the same objectives. Read More

Nicole Cottrell, The CFO Alliance

Framing the FinTech Build Vs. Buy Debate

To build or to buy? That is the question. As rules and regulations around compliance, transactions, and payments, in general, become more complex, the question of whether to build or buy a financial technology for your organization grows louder and louder. Read More

Big Data is Not Financial Modeling

There is a multitude of differences between big data and financial modeling, and while both have their place in a financial team’s toolkit, it’s essential to understand the pros and cons of each to determine which is actually the right service for your organization. Read More

Lance Rubin

How to Rethink the Finance Talent Profile

As new financial technologies are introduced, the way we think about financial talent will also need to evolve. It’s no longer just about doing tasks X, Y, and Z – it’s about utilizing that technology to drive a more strategic conversation. Read More

Nilly Essaides

The Finance Professional’s 6 Value Generating Assets You Should Be Aware Of

Assets are what drive revenue, but as a financial leader, you bring more to the table than just spreadsheets and bar charts. What values should you consider in your position to help you generate sustainable revenue and trust throughout your organization? Read More

Andrew Codd