Smart B2B Finance: The Road Ahead, CFO Innovation, and Transformation


Smart B2B Finance: The Road Ahead, CFO Innovation, and Transformation

The financial landscape is experiencing paradigm shifts unlike any before. And with a new age of technology paving the path, what should financial professionals be aware of to not only stay ahead of their peers but also to empower themselves and their organizations to drive continued, reliable success?

Welcome to Smart B2B Finance, a monthly blog series designed to summarize some of our favorite financial posts and help financial professionals focus on the trends and topics that matter most.

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Finance Chiefs Must Lead Organizational Innovation

CFO’s are in the unique position of being their company’s financial stewards as well as one of their lead’s in fostering organizational innovation, and as such are the individuals best equipped to find the essential equilibrium between innovation and safe financial decisions. Read More

Susan Cosgrove,

CFOs Held Back From Driving Digital Transformation

A growing number of financial leaders are grasping the changing role of the financial executive, embracing that innovation has become a vital part of their job in the process. Read More

The Digital CFO’s Road Ahead

Anticipating change and adapting to it is key in the ever-transforming role of the financial executive. As innovation in the business space continues, technological changes are at the front of the CFO’s challenges ahead. Read More

Allan Tan, CFO Innovation

Finance, The New Alchemists of Value Creation

The ability to spin straw into gold is a perfect metaphor for the modern financial executive’s role in leadership and innovation within their organizations. More and more strategic responsibilities are being handed to CFO’s all the time and turning that into financial success is the CFO’s version of spinning straw into gold. Read More

Andrew Codd

4 Key Attributes Every Top-Performing CFO Should Possess

The role of the CFO is evolving, and being a true business partner with the rest of the company’s leadership team is paramount in fostering effective collaboration across the top of the organization. It’s also vital for CFO’s to focus on utilizing digital innovation as well as focus on talent in the workforce of the organization. Read More

Macon Albertson, CFO Leadership Council

The New CFO Mandate: Prioritize, Transform, Repeat

Surveys show that the role of the CFO is growing, adding to it the responsibilities of handling organizational transformations, digitization, as well as building the talent necessary to sustain these instilled changes. Read More

Survey and Analysis Contributed by: Ankur Agrawal, Kapil Chandra, Priyanka Prakash, and Ishaan Seth

Optimize Straight-Through Processing

Electronic payments create valuable automation for A/P departments, and straight-through processing is the next evolution, further eliminating manual processes and human error while adding efficiency to their payments. Read More

The Finexio Editorial Team