Your Intelligent B2B Payment Network

The Finexio “Network of Networks” is a low-cost, highly effective solution for increasing B2B payments

100% Electronic

Eliminates manual entry &  continual supplier enrollments

Reduces Supplier Cost

At least 50% less expensive than typical credit card transactions

Reduces Buyer Cost

Eliminates buyers print & mail costs

Offers Buyer Rebates

Fees paid by suppliers pose rebate opportunity for buyers

Lowers Friction

Reduction in paper remittances & call center volume

Alleviates Security Risks

Reduces bank account, fraud & data exposure

Finexio Solves Many B2B Payment Challenges

Paper Checks

Commercial payments remain largely paid by paper checks

Cost of Electronic Solutions

Electronic payment acceptance is low due to high cost transferred to suppliers

Slow Manual Processes

Delivery mechanisms of electronic payments require physical manual effort

Bottle-necked Payments

Many payments that could be made electronically are missed due to lack of data or correct product type

Finexio Enables Seamless Commercial Payments


  • Accounts Payable Outsourcers
  • B2B Payment Companies
  • Commercial Payments Enablers
  • B2B Commerce Networks
  • Procure to Pay Software Platforms
  • Source to Settle Software Platforms


  • Merchant Acquirers
  • ISO’s
  • Acquiring Processors
  • Suppliers
  • Merchants
  • Payment Facilitators

Benefits for Customers & Partners

Commerce Networks…

  • Creates new revenue streams
  • Extends product set
  • Integrates payments into service offering
  • Improves value for existing & new customers
  • Customer ROI enhancements
  • A complete end-to-end payment solution
  • Eliminates paper checks for your customers

Merchant Acquirers…

  • Increases transaction processing volumes
  • Provides Incremental fee revenue
  • Increases payment velocity
  • Improves payment security
  • Enhances B2B spend capture
  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Reduces manual processes for customers
  • Captures more electronic spend


  • Reduces B2B processing cost, time & effort
  • Lowers barriers to electronic acceptance
  • Eliminates manual data entry
  • Saves AR staff time
  • Reduces security threats
  • Eliminates lost/stolen checks
  • Enables faster receipt of funds
  • Automates data reconciliation
  • Lowers credit card processing fees