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Finexio Simplifies AP Payments

Imagine a world where your business never had to sign another check.

Our intelligent electronic payment network identifies, delivers, and supports all of your supplier payments. 100%

This generates revenue for your company through rebates and discounts.

Minimizing your efforts. Maximizing your returns.

Use your existing software and processes

Because our technology is ERP and AP-agnostic, it interfaces seamlessly with your current platform and tools.

Lose the manual labor

By automating the payment process, your back office is freed from supplier onboarding and reconciliation, saving valuable company resources and time.

It all happens with full transparency and control

Our customer portal tracks how and when your payments are sent. Rich reporting makes data management simple.

How It Works

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You share a payment file from your ERP software, telling us who needs to be paid and for how much.

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Our proprietary network understands how your suppliers like to be paid.

To confirm, our dedicated customer services representatives will call your suppliers and ask them.

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Finexio sends payment to your suppliers via their preferred method, and settles the payment using the most mutually beneficial rate.

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Detailed settlement information is shared back to your ERP, giving you and your suppliers total visibility into the payment cycle.

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By optimizing business payments execution, Finexio delivers more payments in more ways. To learn more about how we strengthen our clients’ relationships with their suppliers, contact us now.



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