The future is paperless. So why are you still sending checks?

Watch What We Do

One payment. One AP file. Finexio takes care of the rest.

Since we offer more supplier payment options, more suppliers choose to enroll in our service.

More suppliers enrolling in electronic payments means more cash rebates and discounts that increase your EBIDTA and cash flow.

Our technology means we can deliver the right type of payments at the right time.

  • Straight-through processing goes beyond just ACH and virtual account numbers.
  • Payment timing becomes flexible with dynamic discounting.
  • Manual processes disappear and are replaced by automation.
  • Reports and reconciliation data are shared in real-time through our portal.
  • Single-file acceptance means no more separate files for separate payment types.
Product Flow

On average, our clients see a $300,000 return from sending their payments electronically through Finexio.

Already work with a bank? Here’s why we’re different.

Banks only try to enroll the top tier of your suppliers in electronic payments – the ones that receive the largest payments. Finexio contacts 100% of your suppliers, which means more electronic payment adoption and more cash back to you.

Banks encourage their customers to chase down their own payments to ensure supplier acceptance. Finexio does that work for you, ensuring that 100% of your payments are settled.

Banks can often only send payment in a couple of ways. Finexio’s technology intelligently determines the best way to pay using several electronic payments methods and routing your payments accordingly.