Finexio’s Smart B2B network elegantly links payment rails to intelligently automate commercial payments

Least cost routing algorithms determine funds delivery for maximum electronic conversion

Finexio is Integrated Commercial Payments Automation

Payment Decisioning

  • Eliminates effort between buyer and supplier in determining least cost method to route an acceptably priced payment
  • Automated push to supplier’s bank account removes friction and manual processes
  • Network intelligence ensures payments are optimized to reduce revenue leakage

Dynamic Pricing

  • Creates flexibility in supplier cost acceptance segmentation
  • Evolves payments beyond a “high fee” vs “no fee” pricing paradigm to a “right fee” paradigm
  • Provides insight into fees and supplier acceptance rates to optimize commercial spend

Futuristic Business Intelligence

  • Dynamic payment maps opens new lense into past and present payment flow
  • Real time insights gained on payment timing, benefits realized, and costs reduced
  • Modular, cloud based infrastructure drives modern user interfaces, dashboards, and reports

Finexio Enables Seamless Commercial Payments

Core Platform Features

Dynamic Payment Routing

Modality and Cost are jointly determined by supplier acceptance and buyer preference

Virtual Terminal

Payments occur 100% electronically- eliminates all keyed or swiped payments

Dynamic Discounting

Suppliers can elect to be paid early at a variety of discount rates

Next Gen Dashboard & Analytics

Real time, detailed insights down to line item detail

Currency Agnostic

USD, CAD, and many other international currencies

Multi-tiered Hierarchies

Organize buyers, suppliers, partners,& sub-affiliates